Mallet Assembly

The Mallet Assembly is the "men's honors residence hall" at the University of Alabama. I put that definition in quotes for two reasons:
  1. Men's is a little misleading as women are welcome to join.
  2. honor's residence hall is also misleading, because it fails to describe the fullness of Mallet.

I do not have the time to even begin to explain the Mallet Assembly on this web page. Here are some links that should point you in the right direction.

  • The Mallet Assembly's Official University Web Pages.
  • The Mallet Web-Ring, maintained by Joe Abreau, which also includes the following goodies:
    • A good description of what makes Mallet so cool.
    • A much better collection of links than I could hope to throw together.
    • A listserv you can join if you are a current or former Malleteer (actually, this is an oxymoron because once a Malleteer, always a Malleteer..)
  • a different (and much higher-traffic) Mallet list, also restricted to Malleteers.
  • The Book of Marvin a strange piece of literature from the 1970's by one Ed Rigdon. Contains the precepts by which all true Malleteers live. This copy is maintained by Sam Fleming. Click here to skip directly to Sam's commentary on the Laws of Marvin.