Jeff Robertson's (Thankfully) Brief Biography!

I was born in 1975, in Mobile, Alabama. I was raised in the small town of Bayou La Batre, which was depicted in the movie Forest Gump (It wasn't really filmed there, though. (Actually, no part of that movie was filmed in Alabama)).

My childhood was happily uneventful. After I got my first Commodore 64 I started dreaming about using it take over the world. Fortunately for all concerned I was much too lazy for that. Later I decided I wanted to be a rock star. That never really happened either. When I was in junior high I started working on my Constructed Languages, with the idea of eventually using them in stories or adventure games or something.

In high school, I was a Scholar's Bowl geek (if you've never heard of this, its like the high-school form of College Bowl). My grades weren't very good, but what was the school going to do? They needed me for their Scholar's Bowl team.

My geeky friends and I started a club called the "Great Books Club" that was basically an excuse to have our own office (with a desk and everything!) inside the school's library. We considered ourselves psuedo-faculty. Unfortunately the club seems to have died out after we graduated.

Starting in 1993, I attended the University of Alabama. Pretty much the only thing that made college bearable was living in the Mallet Assembly, which you can read about elsewhere on this web site.

I was in several bands that practiced a few times and never played any gigs. Names include The Planet Jupiter and Reverend Joe and the Sourmash Revival. Also during this time period I worked as the one-man-band Flvxxvm Florvm, under which name I gave informal performances around the dorm and sold cassette tapes to anyone interested.

I also developed an appreciation for railroads and railfanning, and took lots of pictures of the trains I saw in Alabama. I noticed that there wasn't much on the web in terms of Alabama train pictures, so I made my own web page for them on the school's web server. It was a horrible web page, with huge bloated background images, frames, embedded MIDI files, everything ugly in web design. It might still be up and running. Click here to find out.

In 1996, my life took a significant turn for the better when I met Veronica. We were married two years later.

We currently live in the greater Atlanta area, where I work here.

In 2002, we celebrated the birth of our daughter.