My DOOM2 WAD Files

These are some .WAD files I made for DOOM 2 several years ago. I don't actually have DOOM 2 on my system anymore, so somebody let me know if these files still work... before uploading them to this web site they'd been sitting on a floppy disk for so long that they may have succumbed to bit rot or something.

  •, One of the first WADs I made for (the original) DOOM, later tranlated for DOOM 2. Three levels, the floor plans of which are vaugely inspired by:
    1. The house from Zork I (and I mean vaugue, man!)
    2. The house I grew up in.
    3. My old high school.
  •, Has only one level, but it has some variety to it. I seem to recall that I used every monster in the game, except possibly the Spider Mastermind. Good for deathmatch or single-player. Co-op is technically possible but I never really tested to see if it was any fun.
  •, not actually by me, but I helped a little. This was created by Joe Abreau and Eric Morgan, and was based on the dorm we all lived in, the Mallet Assembly. Click here for a screenshot of what's supposed to be the attic. Note that the Cyberdemon has literally blown the roof off the place.
  •, a deathmatch-only WAD, ie., there are no monsters. Three levels. Named after Ed Mayfield, a kid I knew when I was growing up. The weapons are mostly limted to shotguns and chainsaws, because thats the way Ed would have wanted it.